No Judging Allowed

A Soldier for God

The enemy is clever

The master of disguise

He outwits most of his victims,

By using the element of surprise


His strategy is simple; yet effective

To confuse and cripple you with his lies

Causing you to doubt the truth

A truth you’ve witnessed with your very own eyes


His sole purpose is to recapture you

And once again make you his slave

And your wages for fulfilling his duties

A slow agonizing death and a fiery grave


But the weapons of our warfare are not carnal

But mighty in God for pulling down strongholds

Daily, we arm ourselves with the truth, God’s word

Powerful enough to dispel and destroy all the lies he’s told


God’s word is our protection

Our strength, our sword and shield

A cleanser for our infected wounds

A constant comfort for the pain from old battle scars that aren’t quite healed


With much training and preparation

We walk boldly on the battle field, sharing what we’ve been told

Referring all those lost unprotected workers of the enemy

To our Lord and Master who pays wages more valuable than gold


See we don’t worry about being another casualty of war

Because we live in the safety of God’s word

And we adorn ourselves daily with the complete armor of God

The freely given, fully equipped helmet, breastplate, shield and sword.



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