No Judging Allowed

About Me

Update PicAbout the author and creator of No Judging Allowed.This is the section where I praise and compliment myself on all of the wonderful accomplishments I’ve made in my life. “Kudo’s time!” However, I’ve decided to venture down the less traveled road; so buckle up!

I was in the 9th grade (on the roles at least) for 3 years, as my extracurricular activities didn’t allow much free time for school. I eventually got it together only to drop out of high school in the 12th grade ultimately acquiring my GED many a year later. I am single and a proud to be chosen parent of two beautiful children with two different fathers born out of wedlock and 14 years apart. (Oh No – I’m definitely earmarked for HELL). I smoked pcp and crack for over 15 years, with several stints in drug rehabilitation facilities. I suffered from depression coupled with suicidal desires as a result of continual drug use that guaranteed me a temporary bed me in a hospital on the 5th floor psychiatric ward; my new home for a couple of weeks.  I was a liar and a thief and I had become a specialist in making awful decisions.

After I was confronted by my best friend for borrowing (without permission or her knowledge) her ATM card to steal money for more drugs, I made the best decision of my life. My best friend, who was saved, yet still my friend, confronted and forgave me. I was shocked and totally unprepared for forgiveness. After all, we grew up together and I knew the wrath I would have to face when she found out.  Her forgiveness opened a door I never knew existed. Her forgiveness rocked me to the core and turned my entire thought process upside down. So I wondered, questioned, cried and prayed to understand what was happening. I desperately wanted and needed to grab hold of the peace she was obviously privy too. I promised God, if he would bless me with that kind of peace I witnessed through her, I would never let it go.

One crisp fall night, I was sitting on the balcony getting high, crying and praying simultaneously; I wanted out but I didn’t know the way nor did I have the strength to go even if a way was provided.  As I puffed, wiped my tears and silently prayed, “God Help Me!” God suddenly whispered these words to me;

I have heard many praise you, never understanding what the hoopla was about

But when I took the time to get to know you for myself you erased all my doubts

I didn’t know you were the answer that I sought all those years

All that time, I had no idea it was you, who dried my many tears


God gently whispering four sentences changed the course of my life forever. About me can be summed up in two words – BUT GOD. For God to speak to me in the manner in which I needed to hear him and at that specific moment in time; with a joint between my lips; spoke volumes. God was no longer this far away spiritual fable that I would never have the honor of meeting unless and until I was perfect. God personally introduced himself to me and made an imperfect moment with an imperfect person, perfect. Thus was conceived!