No Judging Allowed

After the Funeral

We all come together in mourning

Through tears remembering the good ole days

Hugging and promising to get together more often

Each of us forgetting those promises as we drive away


Unwilling to make the necessary sacrifices

Too wrapped up and concerned with our own lives

Ain’t got no time to worry about you

I gotta worry about me and mines


More willing to give our time and attention to

The petty disagreements designed to keep us apart

The he said, she said, you said, I said

Rather than the content of the heart


Too selfish to celebrate each other’s good

Yet, more than willing to share the bad

Can’t come together on one accord

Because someone is hurt, someone is feeling some type of way; someone is mad


Demise follows the family that uses unforgiveness as their mantra

And selfishness as their guide

A once unbreakable bond now becomes easily broken

Until we meet again, after yet another has died

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