No Judging Allowed

Lead me to the Rock

Some friends and I went to a party on a cruise ship. The ship was huge and sat noticeably high above the water. The music was jumping and everyone was dancing. Drinks were plentiful and the laughter could be heard from miles away. It was so hot and crowded; I decided to catch a breath of fresh air on the ships upper deck. The view was spectacular and the water appeared serene. I watched the peaceful sea in awe as every approaching wave reflected a beautiful ray of sunshine. Suddenly the waves grew forceful and were coming up over the side of the ship. Before I could get below deck, a gush of water lifted me from the ship and hurled me overboard. I plunged head first into the unmerciful sea. How could this be happening? This was supposed to be fun. The ship was supposed to be safe.

Out of everyone on that ship – why me? Panic-stricken, I fought to stay afloat but the waves were relentless. The waves pulled me under repeatedly. I grew increasingly weary with every stroke of my arms and every kick of my legs. The water was beginning to burn my eyes and I was chocking as a result of the large amounts of water I had consumed. I went under for what I knew would be the last time if I didn’t get help immediately. Silently, I prayed for God to send me a way out.

When I came up, I saw an enormous mountain like rock protruding out of the water. I’d never seen anything like it before. I thought, could this rock have been here the entire time and I just didn’t notice? Without any doubt, I knew if I could just make it to that rock I would live. Finally, I had some hope, but suddenly, I was inundated with doubts. I thought the probability of me making it was slim to none. The odds were unfavorably against me and instantly I became discouraged at the thought of even trying. I knew the only way I could make it was to ignore my circumstances and focus entirely on the rock. I had to forget that the water was burning my eyes. I had to forget the intensity of the waves. I had to forget all the negative thoughts that were playing havoc with my mind. I had to disregard everything that would divert my attention from the one and only thing that mattered – the ROCK.

The harder I tried and the closer I got, the more difficult the struggle became, but I would not, I could not quit. That rock provided me the only opportunity to overcome insurmountable odds. I blocked out everything and stretched for the rock as far as my arms would allow. Every time the waves pushed me back, I reached a little further until finally I made it. This battle was over. All I could do was cry. Mere words couldn’t express all of the things I felt at that moment. Everything I wanted to say was said through silent tears of joy.

Attentively, I watched every tear that flowed from my eyes make its way down the rock into the hostile waters, carrying with it immeasurable and unspeakable appreciation. Amazingly, it seemed as if every tear had just accomplished its specific purpose. I continued to cling to the rock with all I had. As I peered down at the raging waters from atop my towering rock, I realized the waves could no longer hurt me. This time, I really was safe. I was free. My life had been redeemed. I was plucked from the raging waters and gently placed upon a rock of stone, where I would not be moved.

In the midst of the storm, the floods will lift up their voice. The floods lift up their waves, but the Lord my God is mightier than the noise of many waves of the sea.

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