No Judging Allowed


Years and years of darkness

In the blink of an eye, light was revealed

What seemed like a lifetime of pain and misery

Within an instant, I was healed


See like many others, I had fallen into the hands of the enemy

Whom I didn’t even know

However, he had spent so much time with me

He came to know me personally, and had a hard time letting me go


Unbeknownst to me, God had already stepped in and said

That’s enough, it’s time to turn her loose

Remove the handcuffs and shackles right now

And don’t forget to untie the noose


Remove the blindfold from her tear stained eys

So that she can clearly see

The path that I’ve carefully laid for her

The one that leads to me


Remove the covering from her ears

So that she can hear the words I speak

Only then will she listen, learn and understand

All of the marvelous wonders I teach


Once she realizes she’s been freed from bondage

She’ll have a testimony all her own

Glorifying me; and telling all who will listen

Every powerful, wondrous miracle she’s been shown


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