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NaU Series Supposed to be a Christian Audio

2 thoughts on “NaU Series Supposed to be a Christian Audio

  1. Monisha

    I stumbled upon your page when I googled “snapping in church.” I’ve grown up in church and heard this for the first time last week and was taken aback that someone told me that. And then I came upon this audio. Be blessed my sister and keep conversations like this going. Real Christians doing real life, addressing real issues with the real Gospel. Amen!

    1. nojudgingallowed Post author

      Thank you… And I thank God for you and that you stumbled upon my page.. Unfortunately, we run into many in the church who are more interested in spreading judgement rather love. I pray that although you were taken aback you don’t allow negative, ridiculous comments interfere with who you know God to be or how you praise him…Thanks for your encouragement. And now that you’ve stumbled, I pray you stay awhile and join us for our conference call conversations. Sending Love and God Bless…..To God be All the Glory….

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