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NaU Series Into the Valley She Went Audio

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  1. h

    listening to this now and wish I hadn’t missed this call. these past few years I’ve struggled with and by the grace of God conquered unforgiveness in two very particular areas of my life. I remember fervently studying and praying because I wanted to conquer my ill feelings which I knew, intellectually, were only hurting me. it was a process. and the weight that was lifted off once I overcame was one of the sweetest feelings I’ve ever felt.

    I agree that acknowledging it and attacking it head on is key. burying the feelings and acting as if they don’t exist only allows the pain and anger to fester.

    great story, great conversation.

    1. nojudgingallowed Post author

      Thank you….You were definitely missed last night. Absolutely. I agree with you totally; attacking it head on won’t give anger and pain the opportunity to morph into bitterness… Hopefully you can make the call on Nov 11th.

  2. winedown

    the gentlemen who spoke about being child like even as an adult hit the nail on the head. and that was a great example to use. even in the bible it talks about being childlike and being quick to forgive and slow to anger. holding on to anger is like holding a hot coal in your hand and expecting the other person to feel it when it doesn’t work that way. we have to learn to let it go. its about deprogramming all of the negative things that have happened in your past so that you are light and move freely and easily in life. having anger in your body is sorta like having a virus on a computer.if you don’t remove it the whole computer will be infected. it doesn’t mean that you have to agree with what happened but you cant let it hold you back. i now its easier said than done but its possible. also, another thing to do is to stop talking about it. the more you talk about what hurts you, the more power you give it and it deepens the pain and you start to feel it over and over and over and over again. hope this helps and great topic sis.

    1. nojudgingallowed Post author

      Thank you for your insight and thank you for calling in. While I agree with you, I do believe that in some sense talking about it in the proper setting is an intricate part of the healing process. For many years, I suffered in silence. It wasn’t until I acknowledged what I was feeling and began to talk about it that I could really understand the impact it had on my life. Its easier to discuss when you’re no longer in it. Additionally I believe with every fiber of my being that your story; my story; someone’s story may certainly be a blessing to help someone else get free. Thanks again….

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