No Judging Allowed

No Greater Love

Lord, how can you possibly love me?

Like I’ve heard so many people say

After all the things I’ve said and done

Lord, you love me? Ain’t no way!


I loved you before your very existence

Before anyone knew your name

I loved you when I gave you life

My love for you will never change


I loved you after you turned and walked away

Saying you didn’t need me, you could make it on your own

I loved you enough to let you go

But I never left you alone


I loved you when you lived a life

Filled with wickedness and sin

I love you now in spite of you

And I even loved you then


I loved you when your heart was aching

Because of all of the bad choices you made

I loved you enough to comfort you

And without your knowledge, by your side I stayed


I loved you when you had given up hope

Of ever finding your way

I loved you when I led you in the right direction

And gently whispered in your ear; talk to me, get on your knees and pray


I loved you when you called out my name

Weak and worn, after so many years

I loved you so much I answered your cries

And from your face, I lovingly wiped away every single tear


I loved you when I gave my only son

To die on the cross for all to see

No Greater Love Have You Than This

Now let me ask you. How much are you willing to love me?


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