No Judging Allowed

Offetory Poem

A sip from a bottle of cheap wine to sooth the pain -$6.39

A puff from a crack pipe containing a hard white substance to keep you sane – $20.00

A really short denim mini skirt to catch and eye and cure the blues – $19.99

A 7 day antibiotic when you receive the Physician’s bad news – $15.00

God’s Forgiveness, Unfailing Love and Redeeming Power- Priceless


A new pair of Gucci Sunglasses to hide the sad, haunted eyes; decorated in black and blue – $295.00

A one night stay at Holiday Day Inn, just until the bruises fade, Lord knows you can’t let anyone know he beats you – $89.99

A new designer suit for Sunday morning an attempt to conceal your consistent Monday thru Saturday hot mess   – $1,100

A couple of hours making it rain at the local gentleman’s club, according to you it helps to relieve the stress – $200 one dollar bills

God’s Forgiveness, Unfailing Love, Redeeming Power, Faithfulness and Perfect Peace – Priceless


A Kleenex Value Pack to dab your tears as you watch the back of one more person nonchalantly walk away – $12.00

A circular mirror hanging in the foyer too ashamed to walk near it; you avoid it every single day – $30.00

A Top Notch divorce attorney after you awoke with someone other than your husband or wife – $500 per hour

A family size bottle of sleeping pills to end the hopelessness that has become your own life – $7.99

God’s Forgiveness, Unfailing Love, Redeeming Power, Faithfulness, Perfect Peace and Goodness & Mercy Surely following me all the days of my life – Priceless


As I count up the cost of all you’ve done and freely given me

And Really, Really consider all of the money I’ve spent haphazardly

On shenanigans, waywardness and tomfoolery

Choices and decisions that brought me nothing but heartache and pain

Yet, when it’s time to give Tithes and Offerings; I am frugal

Lord should I feel ashamed?

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