No Judging Allowed

One Single Womans Prayer

Lord, teach me how to control my flesh
The passions I feel deep inside
The thoughts that slowly invade my mind
Those things I secretly desire

Lord, show me how to turn away
When I’m looking deep into his eyes
Watching intently, the way his lips gracefully move
While gawking at his smile

Lord, grant me the yearning too hearken to your voice
Over his sweet whispers in my ear
Reciting to me, like well rehearsed lines from a play
Everything I’ve ever wanted to hear

Please Lord, teach me how to say “NO”
When all that is within me is screaming “Yes”
Help Me Lord Jesus!
I’m weak, I’m confess

Lord, you promised you would keep me
When I surrendered my all to you
And when I’m confused and paralyzed with indecision
Help me muscle up the strength to run to you Lord, as you know exactly what to do

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