No Judging Allowed

The Little Black Dress

Black Dress ImageMonica peeked through the blinds and watched until she could no longer see the tail lights from her mom’s black Honda Accord. She breathed a sigh of relief as she waited an additional five minutes just to be on the safe side. Excitedly, Monica dashed to her room and headed straight for her bedroom closet. Tucked safely away in the back of the closet behind her many shoes was a plastic H&M bag with lots of goodies she’d purchased with her birthday money. She smiled as she opened the bag and laid out on her bed a black dress and a hot pink mini skirt. She couldn’t wait to squeeze her shapely body into the short, black jersey dress she’d purchased on sale. It was something about that dress that screamed sexy. Carefully, she slipped the dress over her head and tugged on it until it fell in all of the right places. Monica stood in the mirror admiring God’s handiwork. “You are a beautiful work of art”, she said as she pranced and posed for a couple of selfies for social media. As she scrolled through the photos, there was no doubt in her mind that she would get tons of likes and comments.

Although she’d just turned fifteen, by all accounts she was shaped more like an adult woman; a fact that use to make her feel uncomfortable. But for some reason she no longer felt uncomfortable, in fact she felt powerful. It was something empowering about the way in which her body was able to demand attention from any boy and oftentimes men who crossed her path. They didn’t have to say a word, the extra-long looks said more than enough. She had never felt powerful before and it was a feeling she didn’t want to lose. As she continued looking in the mirror making sure her bumps and curves looked perfect from every angle before heading out, she smiled grateful for her Victoria Secret push up bra that gave her a little extra lift and visible cleavage which looked really nice with the low cut in the front. “Perfect”, she whispered as she proceeded to touch up her make-up. She giggled as she thought about her mother always telling her to dress to impress. But Monica never thought it important enough to stop and ask herself, who exactly are you trying to impress and what impression are you trying to make? She never much cared what people thought about her and she wasn’t going to start caring today.

The plans were set and Monica beamed with excitement as she headed out to formally meet her new friend. She was meeting up with Brian, who was a friend of a friend of a friend. They had spoken over the phone a couple of times and she couldn’t wait to meet him. Based on what she knew about him, which wasn’t much, he seemed like a nice enough guy. And the pictures she’d seen of him on Facebook screamed he was definitely worth meeting. His smile and his six pack was to die for. Monica had taken the necessary precautions as she and her best friend Lisa had gone over their stories one last time. As far as Monica’s mother knew, she was spending the night with Lisa and the conversation between the two moms pretty much sealed the deal. What Monica’s mother didn’t know was that Lisa’s mom was never home and that she’d often packed a bag to spend the weekend with her boyfriend. It was the perfect cover and her mom was none the wiser, after all her mother trusted her. As far as her mother knew, Monica had never given her a reason not to.

Nervously, Monica peaked out the window as she heard a car honking. “Oh my God, it’s him”, she yelled. Satisfied with how she pulled this off and how great she looked, Monica grabbed her knockoff Louis Vuitton purse and sashayed out the door in a pair of six inch heels she could barely walk in. She jumped in the car and noticed almost immediately that he didn’t look at all like the photo’s she’d seen of him on Facebook and for some reason he looked a lot older than twenty one. Immediately Monica felt uncomfortable about asking him about his age since she lied about her age as well; eighteen was always her go to number. He had no idea she was fifteen.

Sensing her fear, Brian put her at ease by complimenting her on how beautiful she looked in that black dress and how sexy her body was. Monica began blushing as she listened to Brian repeatedly compliment her on her physical features. Suddenly, she began to feel a little uneasy as she heard him wonder aloud if he would get a chance to see what was underneath her dress. It was something about the way he stared at her while he was driving that finally made her question her decision to get in a car with a friend of a friend of a friend. Monica sat quietly, as she tried to think of a good enough reason for her ask Brian to take her back home. Before she could say anything, Brian drove the car onto a dark dirt road. The whole time he’d been driving, she hadn’t paid attention and now she had no idea where she was. She knew in her gut that something was terribly wrong. Terrified, Monica looked on with tears in her eyes as Brian turned the car ignition off and she heard the click of the doors locking. It was a sound that filled her entire body with fear. As Brian turned toward her if that was even his name, for the first time Monica wondered if she’d somehow given the wrong impression.

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