No Judging Allowed

Who Do You Think You Are

Who do you think you are?

Sashaying in here as if you belong

Grinning and cheesing; waving your hands and shouting

Singing that silly little praise song


Child please, everybody knows your colorful story

They all know your name

What nerve you have sitting in here praising God

If I name it you’ve done it; you should be ashamed


Oh, I remember you

I knew you when

You loved, lived and breathed

Wickedness and sin


Who am I?

I am the one who under the weight of many burdens

Could no longer stand

Bruised and broken, I fell to my knees

Where it all began


There I was in the perfect position

To surrender it all

Father I stretch my hands to thee, I cried out

And with grace and mercy he answered my call


Oh, I am the one you remember

Except much has changed

I’ve been forgiven, redeemed and washed by the blood of Jesus

All things have become new, including my name


So, you can’t shame me into silence

You won’t close my mouth with disgrace

I’m going to praise and worship, dance and shout

Freely in here and in any other place


I will worship him with my hands

I will worship him with my feet

I will worship him with my tears

I will worship him with every word I speak


I will worship him with a shout

I will worship him with praise

I will worship him with my life

Oh and please believe it’s not a phase


I will worship him when I’m alone

I’ll worship him in a crowd

I’ll worship him in silence

And I’ll worship him out loud


Who am I you ask?

You can call me

A sinner saved by Grace

A believer

A worshiper

Or simply redeemed


A sanctified soldier for Jesus Christ

Whose praises I sing

Or I often go by my favorite

A  Worshiping Holy Ghost filled child of the Most High King

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