No Judging Allowed


Welcome to No Judging Allowed; an inspirational short story blog. I invite you to experience the journey of an imperfect person with a plethora of imperfect moments; loved by a perfect God. A voyage rich with mountain top experiences and valley lows; full of laughter, tears, disappointments and countless triumphal moments. Explore these moments through an assemblage of poems, short stories and everyday life experiences, which I refer to as the journey.


Disclaimer: (PLEASE READ)


No Judging Allowed is probably not for you, if you can answer yes to one or more of the following statements:


you have it all together

you, the kids, the dog, the hubby or wife are all perfect

you have a personal relationship with God and he’s never shown you one single icky thing about yourself which warrants a change

you’ve been a saved born again Christian since birth and have never made a mistake

you wear a halo everyday as part of your attire

you have a halo in every color

you were THAT person who could cast the first stone – you were just too humble to mention it when Jesus asked